Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The 27th Thing

The "27th Thing" asked that we blog our experiences and feelings about technology. First of all, even though I was very dubious when I started, I'm very happy I participated. What a great way to learn about the uses of the many tools we explored.

For example: Zoho will enable us to share work over the Internet. I'll be able to create something at work and finish it at home on a rather old and cranky computer.

I'm a podcast lover. Wouldn't it be cool if we recorded Steve Lopez' program and podcast it? And YouTube. Everytime I look for something on YouTube, I find it. It's good for recreation, publicity (and I'm thinking of a children's program here)and can illuminate and bring to life what might otherwise seem boring. A video stream is easily worth a tousand words.

As a library user, I would love to be on a Twitter list for program announcements or for a reminder of the preschool story time that I normally attend or a class I signed up for. How great would that be?

I'm not into Technorati, but Yelp is another great site that I like and use. There are reviews of SPL there. It's a good place to get unedited feedback for the library to tap into. Yelp also looks to be very useful for finding businesses on a local basis. I checked the ratings for several in Woodland where I live and they seemed spot on.

That's enough for now. I think I'll keep this thing going. Maybe it will lead me to more discoveries.

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