Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blogging Zoho

Right now I'm using Zoho writer to do my blog entry. This seems like a really good idea. Create a document or presentation and save within the site. Seems like this would be ideal for collaboration or travel. Functionally it seems like a pretty normal word processor and looks a whole lot like the current Word that we use here at SPL. I also noticed that it posts to a blog. I'm going to try that in a minute.

OK, it's been more than a minute and it's not published yet. Hmmmmm.....

Oh! There it is!

I think Zoho would be very useful for "transporting" docs between home and work. Unfortunately, my home computer no longer understands the young whippersnapper sitting on my desk in the library. I want to create documents in both places and edit them elsewhere. It's not possible for me to do that right now unless I save stuff in either .txt or .rtf formats.

I found this on facebook - I think it's stunning!

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